Asus VivoWatch - Is it the SmartWatch you need in your life?

Smartwatches are now quite a common accessory, so it can be tricky to find which is the best for you. We tested the Asus Vivo Watcher Gen 1 this week and we loved it for all the reasons you might not think.  

At its core, the Asus Smartwatch boasts a Heart Rate Monitor, Exercise Tracker, Happiness Index, Sleep Tracking, 10 Day Battery Life, Water Resistance, Calorie Counter, UV Index and the annoyingly important Activity Reminder to get up off your backside and move.

It does all this excessively well. It tracked my every move and it was always fun to check out my heart rate to see how quick I could go from 150+ to Sub 55bpm. Its steps were fairly accurate compared to other devices and was enough for me to use it for the entire week and track my states (Unit is on loan from Asus).


The Battery Life is a killer feature. It’s crazy that we can judge something so much on its battery life, but when everything else pales in comparison, the Asus Vivowatch shines. I have used it heavily for 7 straight days without the need to charge it. This is a big deal, making it feel more like a watch than a piece of technology. And that’s what you want from a watch.


Which brings me to the next important point – it’s comfy and feels like a watch. And this is actually quite important for something that sits on your skin for potentially 24hrs a day. You want comfort and to feel like it’s not there, but know it is when you need it. It’s stylish with a fantastic finish and a very comfy band.


Overall the ASUS Vivo Watch is perfect for the person who doesn’t need everything, wants a comfy stylish watch and wants to maintain a Happy Healthy Lifestyle.

4/5 Asus VivoWatch

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