D-Link Full HD Ultra-Wide View Camera Review

 Do you find your video conferences begin with you shuffling into a set location or chair and continually checking your view to make sure you’re in the shot? The D-link’s great full HD Ultra-Wide View camera sorts this particular issue and more!

D-Link DCS-2630L Full HD Ultra-Wide View Wi-Fi Camera

Get the whole picture in with 180 Degrees

With 180 degrees of viewing, this camera packs more into view than any traditional webcam. Enjoy multi-persona video chats without awkward re-positioning, cropped views, or off-camera conversations.

Higher clarity images

The DCS-2630L not only offers a wider view, but also a higher resolution Full HD (1080p) clarity that will keep you from pixelating at distance. With a higher and usual standard of quality, you can not only improve video chats, but also utilise this camera as a security system in your home or office.

Speaker and Mic included!

Whilst most cams include a mic, the DCS-2630L offers both Mic and Speaker for two-way communication. Brilliant for skype, business meetings, or simply catching up with family and friends.

Doubles nicely as a security device

Security features include an on-board MicroSD slot for storage, as well as a motion and sound detection option. Secure your home or office and get alerts based on movement or sound detected by the camera. Although this requires online access and setup in D-Link’s app, it’s possible and easy to manage once set up.

Additionally, the DCS-2630L has a decent 5m viewing distance when used at night! With included night vision this camera ticks a lot of the boxes when it comes to security.

Use from your desktop or anywhere!

With 11AC wireless capabilities, and wall or ceiling mount, this camera can be installed anywhere you need it. Of course the option to have it as a free-floating desktop camera is also valid, with an evenly balanced base. A nice touch is the 360 degree rotatable camera head, that means no tricky software flipping of your video if you find your view is suddenly upside down!


Software setup and Usage

For the home user or small business office, this camera is a breeze to setup! Using the WPS auto-connect button, you can sync the cam to any modern modem without issue. From there, you can open the D-Link Lite app on your smartphone (android and iOS) and connect it there. I found the included quick start guide helpful, showing me directly how to use my phone to scan the code under the base of the camera to auto-find it on my network. From there you can easily create, or login with a D-link account and manage your camera from phone or web anytime.

Note, that to view your camera's feed online, or away from your home or office network, you will require a D-Link account, and have connected the camera to it's 'managed devices'. This is a simple, and quick process, making remote viewing a breeze for non-advanced users.

DCS-2630L Features

From the app or website, My D-Link offers some great features to this particular camera. Starting with live preview, you can view your camera's video feed live in 720p, or full HD 1080p. In addition, you can listen live from the microphone, as well as (toggle) talk-back. This allows you to use the camera's speaker like a PA system. You can also snapshot a pic of the live feed, with date and timestamp for later review.

From the smartphone app, push notifications can be enabled, giving you alerts for the other security based features of the DCS-2630L. Motion detection and sound detection can be enabled via the app or website. Set your areas on the live feed where you want motion detected, as well as the sensitivity. After that, rest easy knowing that your phone will alert you to any detected activity within your camera's range. (This includes a 5m range night vision mode than can be set to automatically start at night)

 D-Link DCS-2630L Full HD Ultra-Wide View Wi-Fi Camera

In the box

Right out of the box the DCS-2630L is a sturdy, well balanced camera with a sleek black gloss design. The mount protrudes away from the sizable cylinder camera unit on two prongs, that connect via a stiff hinge to a circular base. The base includes 4 mounting screw, ready for wall or ceiling mounts.

The camera drum itself contains rear-facing speaker, front-facing mic and IR sensor, microSD card slot, mini-USB charging slot, and WPS connection button.



Don’t waste your time on just another ‘okay’ webcam, take the next step with this great camera delivering fantastic image quality and viewing angles. With wireless, online access, and smartphone alerts this camera works equally well as video conference device, or security device! Which a little patience in setting up your D-link account, you’ll have local and remote access without much complication.

Rated: 4.5 / 5 - Terrific quality and viewing angles!