D-Link DGS-1100-26MP Review

26-Port Gigabit PoE Switch for Business Class Networking

More and more small and medium businesses require updated network infrastructure to keep up with new and improved standards. With a plethora of new Power over Ethernet devices making their way into our offices, it’s important to choose the right managed switch. D-Link’s DGS-1100-26MP 26-Port Gigabit PoE Switch brings the usual speed and network expansion ability, but also enables support for a wide range of PoE devices too.

Many VoIP phone systems, wifi access points, and IP security cameras all run on PoE technology making deployment and installation an easy and straight-forward process. With the DGS-1100-26MP delivering support for up to 26 devices, and pushing 30watts per port, it’s the choice for professionals looking to easily support a small or medium office full of devices.


A sound and sturdy rack-mountable housing in full-metal provides the shell of this device. Ports are clearly indicated making setup a simple affair. Even prolonged use results in only mild warmth, meaning there is virtually not contribution to rack heating.


The switch supports IEEE 802.,3af and 802.3at providing PoE support of 30 watts per port. This combined with the 6 kv surge protection on all PoE ports, makes this switch ideal for security use.

An easy-to-use interface, and setup wizard keeps confusing settings and UI under control. Choose from standard or security modes at setup to reduce setup time and get quick access to the settings that matter most.

Troubleshoot with the aid of build in tools allowing loop-back detection, cable diagnostics, and more. These amazing features should not be overlooked, as they’ll easily cut down time in remedying network issues.


A great PoE switch with a few great features that make it stand out among the crowd! During our time with this great device we were surprised at the intuitiveness of the web interface, and at the ease with which PoE devices can be setup! Furthermore, three great moments finally pushed us all to agree that the DGS-1100-26MP is truly one of the best switches for SMB offices (and beyond!)

  • After enabling loop-back detection, a sneaky test resulted in immediate port shutdown, preventing wide-spread network issues.
  • After a lengthy runtime, we were surprised at the near-complete lack of heat!
  • Running high volumes of cameras with security mode settings set to cater for it, our cam feeds came through clear and uninterrupted.

A pleasure to use, and a great reliable device.

Rated: 5 / 5 - Network trouble-shooter's dream with PoE Support!